Great Seal of the Intergalactic Coalition

Read the Script for the Premier Episode – “The Sagittarius”

Look for a link on The Bridge. We think it’s a great, sci-fi epic. We hope you will too.


Sketch Artist Needed

We’re in search of a sketch artist to help us take our ideas for ships, costumes and weapons to the next design level. Check The Bridge for more information

Great Seal of the Intergalactic Coalition

“…this is definately the next Star Trek.”

Script Reader Robert Nobles – Arlington, Texas


Graphic Designer Needed

The Galaxy-One, the ship itself, is still in need of a final design. Help us bring this giant Intergalactic Cruiser to life! Check The Bridge for more details.


“…what an exciting, intelligent adventure.”

Script Reader Charles Taylor – Georgetown Texas

Concept for Promotional Trailer

Theme Song written specifically for Galaxy-One. CLICK HERE for more details.


Astute fans will recognize the ship and crew from the short-lived sci-fi show “Crusade.” This video is used only to demonstrate the type of C.G. needed to produce Galaxy-One and illustrate the concept of the show.